Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 31 - October Farewell

How could a month pass so quickly?

October is almost gone and Miss Scarecrow is wearing her somber burlap dress today. Her fierce looking jack-o-lantern candy bucket is slung over one arm. Though she is planted firmly in the ground and cannot go out on the trick-or-treat circuit, she's pretty sure somebody will wander by and leave her a caramel or a chocolate bar.

Miss Scarecrow is a little sad to bid adieu to Halloween fun, but the super-perky gingham bow on her card kind of hints at more festivities to come this fall. Thanksgiving is only a wink away.

It has been so much fun for me to host this handmade card giveaway during the month of October.

I am disappointed, however, that some kind of cyberspace glitch has been dogging my blog! Within a couple of days of starting the contest I began to receive email messages that people could not get on the blog to participate. A very few are always able to get on, but many can't ever get on at all and say they get error messages or "gobbledygook" when they try. My settings are all in compliance with google's cookies and security policies so I just don't know what's going on. Only about 18 readers have been able to access the blog, and some have emailed me that they couldn't register as Followers (no new Followers have appeared since last May, so that should have been a clue to me that something was up). I've tried to find out why these glitches are happening, but all I get are automated help messages that never fit the circumstances. The "help" forum is packed with other users who are having the same kinds of problems, but those problems never seem to be addressed. I apologize to everyone who couldn't get on here and I hope somehow the problems will be resolved. After all, a blog is supposed to be interactive!

The silver lining is, for those who could get on and participate, the odds of winning on any given day were astronomical because of so few being able to enter, and of course not everybody who could register came on each day, either.

I loved sending out cards to the winners! Your feedback was so good to hear and made me very grateful that you all took the time to participate and respond.

Thanks to all the viewers and contestants this past month - and I wish each of you a Happy Halloween today from october pumpkin rubber stamps!

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  1. You ended October with my favorite October Pumpkin stamp!! Miss Scarecrow needs a different name other than SCARE crow.....she's adoreable.
    This month went too fast, I'm not ready for Nov.
    Thank you for brightening my everyday in Oct with your wonderful creations. It's been so much fun to see what you had come up with for the day. I'm sorry there was so much trouble with the blog. Some days I just had to keep on trying even when it told me I didn't have an account!! Computers!!! Ugh!!! Again thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday in October and I'm heading to Staples to look for paperclips!!! Hugs to you.......Happy Halloweenie!!