Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10 of Great Card Giveaway!

In cardmaking rhetoric this one would be known as a CAS Card, or Clean And Simple. Although it's fun to load up a card with "embellishments" (cardmaker rhetoric for doodads) sometimes it's nice just to make a plain old quiet card.

That's what you have here. A little paper piecing with a ribbon tied around it just about says it all.

After rain all day yesterday, we now have a cold front in Ohio, brrrr! Last night I hauled out my trusty bread machine and we had fresh hot bread to go with dinner. No, we didn't eat the whole loaf!

Wishing you all a happy day today. To my fellow northerners, stay warm!


  1. Love simple!!!! Colors are wonderful too.
    Probably will miss tomorrow since Pat and I are heading to Indiania in the a.m. and won't be home til late. Business adventure! Still hope to see you on Thursday at Stamp Club.

  2. Love simple! Colors are wonderful too.
    Having trouble posting comment today! Ugh!
    Probably won't be online tomorrow since Pat and I are going to Indy for a business adventure! Still hope to see you on Thursday for Stamp Camp!! Hugs to you.