Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 24: A Tale of Three Ghosties

The three october pumpkin ghosties, Trick, Or, and Treat, went out to bag their annual Halloween goodies.

In their travels they came upon an olde abandoned monastery. It was a huge and monstrous structure on a hill, made entirely of dark stone with shadowy recesses and deep-set windows wreathed in grime and spiders' webs, many of which were occupied by their fat and hairy architects.

The ghosties were terrified! But you have to be brave if you expect to get any Halloween goodies.

Trick, the oldest ghostie triplet, ran up the steps and knocked timidly on the splintery wooden door. "It's Trick, Or, and Treat!" he hollered in a trembly voice.

By and by an olde man in a monk suit opened the creaking door of the monastery.

"Here is your blasted treat, now get outa here before I throw you in my dungeon!" he yelled as he handed Treat a small paper bag.

The ghosties ran away fast, in case the olde monk decided to grab them. When they had run so far and so fast that they had a stitch in their nonexistent ribs,they stopped to examine the contents of the bag.

Oh no! It wasn't Snicker bars, or even bubblegum! The durn monk had given them a page from an old choir book, a purple paper clip, and a piece of ribbon.

When the ghosties went home later, after a successful run on the neighborhood for real treats, they complained to their mom Ghostina about what they had been given at the olde abandoned monastery on the hill. "It's just junk!" said Or.

Their mom gave them each a Tootsie Roll to settle them down, and took the choir page, the purple paper clip, and the black ribbon. "Never you mind," she told her ghostie boys. "It is a treat for me. I can make a nice card out of this stuff!"

The End

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  1. OH how clever. I really thought I was reading a page out of an old mystery book. I love the background page a whole lot. I have an old hymnal that I use pages from after I distress them. But this page is the best. I sure hope Linda (from the allergy office) reads this one. It's cool and I love the card. The ghosties really look scared as the old monk opens the door. Love it. Hope I win this one, I'm printing your story. hahaha Hugs to you