Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 19 - Moving right along!

Here is an interesting way to use many of your medium size stamps. I had a strip of really nice Halloweeny purple cardstock on my worktable, leftover from yesterday's project. Why not make a tag? It takes about 10 secs to make a tag out of a chunk of cardstock.

Next I stamped Wichita on the purple tag, centering the stamp to get her face, and allowing the remainder of the image to land on some scrap paper. See, you can use stamps effectively without using all of a larger stamp.

The cardstock I used for the card is embossed with some primitive house images, though they are not quite as visible via computer as they are in person.These must be the homes of sleeping mortals who have no idea Wichita is flying overhead on her trusty broom.

I'm lunching with a dear old friend today & hope you're doing something fun too!


  1. I was wondering about the embossing on the background. Wondered if you did it with a Cuttlebug machine?
    After smelling your bread cooking yesterday, I had to get out my bread machine in the back of the pantry and I have pumpkin spice quick bread baking in my machine!! Can you smell it?? Oh I love the fall flavors!
    Count me in on this card today. Talk to you tomorrow.

  2. Sue, the embossed cardstock came straight off the shelf at JoAnn's, ha! It's cuter than it looks in the scan.
    Your bread really sounds great! Don't you love anything pumpkin? Yum! I ended up making my poor bread machine work a double shift yesterday by making some dough for cinnamon rolls - they had to be rolled, rise again, and baked in the reg oven, but it was still easy with the machine doing all the kneading.