Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 27: Make to Order

I'm posting tomorrow's card tonight because I won't be home tomorrow morning.

After seeing some cardstock letters I liked at the craft store, it was impossible to resist making the card you see here. It would have been a quick card except the letters were yellow and I wanted orange, so I had to color them with a felt tipped marker. The dots are stick-ons - easy, easy!

This month we have been celebrating the rubber stamp biz called october pumpkin! My daughter Stephanie runs this biz and I design the stamps. I've been giving away a handmade card each day via random drawings - it's not too late to jump in, so scroll back to the start of the month for the info on entering. You can enter here on the blog in the Comments box, or via my - but you have only 5 days to get in on the fun!

Although the name Tara is on the card today, the winner will receive a duplicate card with her own name or any choice of names. That is, unless your name is Henrietta Elfreida Evangelina which wouldn't fit on a card this size.

You may wonder where the october pumpkin stamp images are on this card. The candy corn stamp is used to "pretty up the envelope" and a couple of pumpkins are stamped inside the card along with the message. There just wasn't room for one on the front!

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