Sunday, November 8, 2009

An announcement

A blog is supposed to be interactive. There is a way for people to post comments, negative or positive, and a way people can enroll as followers.

The blogwriter takes his/her cue from the feedback gained via comments. With good feedback it becomes clear what readers enjoy - and just as important, what they don't.

When there is no feedback it's impossible to know for sure if a blog is providing readers with entertainment or inspiration. It's like talking to a brick wall, without feedback. No response.

Something went mechanically wrong with this blog several weeks ago. Most people couldn't get on to comment(people who know me personally alerted me to this). One person could get on sometimes but only after trying over and over again until it finally worked. This is not normal.

I have reported this several times to the site owners who faciliate all the blogs, but have had no response other than robo-messages. The messages never fit the situation. They also have a "no reply" feature so I can't argue with them!

It was sad to me that after much preparation and interest, when I ran my card giveaway contest through the month of October almost no one was able to participate.

I have to acknowledge the fact that for unknown reasons, this blog is clogged! It is not interactive as it's supposed to be. It's dead in the water. Nothing whatsoever informs me that it will ever be fixed.

Instead of posting here as usual, I am busy trying to find a blog site that works. I will then export my blog to that location and notify everyone here where it is relocated.

Meanwhile thank you so much to all those who have read my blog, who have tried to respond or follow, and who hoped to continue reading. I am very sorry for the technical problems but I did not create them and I have no way to fix them.