Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26: Tag addiction

Here is a true story. A few years ago when I found out about papercrafting I became addicted to tagmaking and ended up with hundreds of them before I realised it.

I have always done painting. So, you might say, artsy stuff is artsy stuff. No, it definitely isn't! When you paint it's two dimensional,flat. When you do papercrafts, it's dimensional. You are applying layers and small objects. You can very quickly stamp images, add embellishments, backgrounds and borders, change your composition, your color scheme, subtract embellishments, go crazy because after all it's just fun and very informal. There's no stress or tension because if you mess up you can immediately start over and in a few minutes have something completely different. There are lots of surprises, and ideas burst out like wildfire. Best of all, you're not waiting for the paint to dry!

I started in papercrafting by making tags and I was having so much fun, whipping them out eveery 5 to 10 minutes, that pretty soon I had 2 drawers filled with about 500 tags. Then I stopped myself. What do you do with that many tags? Actually, I started enclosing them in letters and cards. I gave tags away to friends in bundles of 25 at a time. They seemed to love getting them. People used them for bookmarks, package ties, place name IDs.

How about you? Have you tried your hand at this fun little project - making a tag?

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  1. I love tags too and always make them to go with my cards for bookmarks. My mother has one in every book. In fact she left a couple in library books just for the next reader to use and once a friend of hers got one of her books from the library and commented about the bookmark she must have left in the book!! They are great use of scraps of not only paper but little bits of ribbon!