Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 13 - enter and win!

You may be thinking, "Why is this old lady using the same stamps over and over? Doesn't she have any other stamps?" The answer to that is, yes, I have loads of other stamps and I love 'em all, but I am promoting october pumpkin stamps in this blog, because this is my blog and they are my designs! Ta-daaah!

My daughter Stephanie and I just started this stamp company a matter of months, not years, ago. We don't have tons of stamps so far. We have them manufactured in the highest quality, which is pretty expensive, and they are produced in our own country. This costs more than Chinese labor. But we think it's worth it. The stamps improve with use, and that's important to us because it means you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time to come.

Getting back to not having alot of stamps yet, we do have a fair size beach set, and we have a smallish Halloween set. We have an elegant set of lighthouse stamps, 5 large and 3 small. (All 8 don't have to be purchased together!) We're gearing up for a Christmas/winter set next. Our company is building and emerging. If you want to see our other stamps, be sure to click on the etsy address to the right.

Because I want to showcase just october pumpkin stamps, all we have to use from our fall line (so far) are 3 medium and 4 small stamps, then we have 2 more fall stamps that could be used for either Halloween or Thanksgiving themes. That number is fewer than the days of our card giveaway contest, so there will definitely be repeats - but the card designs will be different. Also I am now starting to branch out to using the stamps in different ways. For instance, today's card has the scarecrow cut out and fixed to a tag, losing a couple elements of the stamp in the process. There are many ways to alter the way you use stamps, ours or stamps made by other companies. Keep visiting the blog, Stephanie's blog, and the etsy shop, and you'll see lots and lots more examples!

Meanwhile, enter the card contest to win a free card. Some people are saying they don't know how to leave comments because of the directives that pop up. They don't have a google account and fear they are being forced to get one. No, that's not correct. Just check the option that says Anonymous. You don't need to set up a google account. You will be asked to decode some letters and numbers, but this is common internet practice done for your protection from spam. Spammers use "robots" to gather information for purposes of advertising. The robots can only understand certain computer language. They can't read the garbly-looking letters/numbers, only humans can - so when a human types this in, it is alerting the blog folks (google) that a human being, not a spam robot, is trying to gain access. I hope this answers those questions! If you don't want to use the comments box you can send your entry info directly to my email address at One way or another, our giveaway month is almost half over, so if you want to win a card it's now or never!

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  1. Wow you learn something new everyday! I didn't know about the "spam robots"! Interesting. Thanks for the info and my favorite scarecrow stamp used today. I love the use of the flower punch and the "ribbon and button"!!! Cute! And of course we all love tags! Count me in on this one today!