Sunday, October 4, 2009

Card 4 in October Giveaway

Can there be too many Halloween cards? I doubt it. Halloween is a holiday that's really caught on the past few years. To some, especially kids, it's a time for lots of candy, costumes, and decorated cupcakes. For most of us adults it's a time to see the kids having fun, a time for lots of color, creativity, and wackiness.

I like the simple and sweet side of Halloween. I'll take a smiling pumpkin over a blood-dripping skeleton any day!

This card has two unusual elements. One is a layer of sandpaper, for texture, and the other is a cat paper clip from ye olde Staples.

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  1. scary haunted houses! I just thought the select a profile was normal on the comment post. I've done it every day. Oh well, I'm here again.