Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 25 - A quiet little card

My papercrafting table is right in front of a large window looking out into the upper branches of an ash tree in our front yard. Leaves that at first dropped one at a time now cascade from the tree as fall deepens, and the oak and elm trees are showing their skeletons as well. More leaves are on the ground than on anybody's branches, that's for sure.

It makes for a reflective and quiet mood sometimes, sitting in front of a window watching time actually pass in the annual shedding of leaves from growing plants who will now become dormant for the long cold months.

My card today is a quiet celebration of this rite of passage. The colors do not scream, "Look at me!" Instead there is more - well - quietness to the design. I added a double organdy bow to the tag, its transparency a symbol of the invisible way our time slips past if we don't take a moment to stop and savor it.


  1. Was so afraid I wouldn't get here today. At the lake raking all those oak leaves and just couldn't get a signal on my wireless. It is just so gorgeous out here today. I'm sitting at my big baywindow and soaking in every little sunray I can. Indian summer is my very favorite time! Unfortunatly we have to take the pontoon boat out of the lake! Boohoo. But one last ride in the sunshine! see you tomorrow

  2. Sue, it sounds absolutely blissful there! So sorry you have to leave for the season - sounds as sad as me packing up to come home from Florida (and my Pelikan Beach!)
    May we have several more Indian Summer interludes, at least.
    Sent you something yesterday. When I mailed off the winning cards last wk. one of the winners told me according to the postmark it took 6 days to travel from the post office across our tiny town to her house! Since you're even farther away, hope it doesn't take a month to get there!

  3. Yes our postal service seems to take longer and longer. I've learned that all mail from Sidney actually goes to Dayton first, then back to Sidney. Isn't that ridiculous? I could drive it across town faster and put in someones mailbox. I copied your ghosties story and sent to Linda and she loved it. Said you missed your calling in life, should have been a writer! I agree. But a writer with pictures in her book! I beat you to the computer today. No card yet for Monday. Teehee I'll be back.