Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 30 - The End Is Near

Last night was trick-or-treat night in our town and several surrounding towns. It's always a big production here in the midwest! After the first several hundred kids we ran out of candy. Each year there are more and more. Vanloads of kids are dropped off in our neighborhood and some of them circle around the loop several times.

I miss the fun Halloweens when our own two were young and we spent weeks working on their costumes so they would be just right. Our daughter, like most little girls, always wanted to wear a pretty costume. Our little boy wanted scary or wild outfits. Once we made a giant green papier mache froghead for him and he wore bright green pantihose for legs with swim fin feet. Oh yeah, it was scary!

When I shopped for candy yesterday (hoping for last-minute markdowns, but there were none)people were grabbing huge bags of it from one section of shelves while across the aisle at the very same time clerks were stocking those shelves with boxes of candy canes and marshmallow snowmen. Pretty weird!


  1. Oh no! I did not know Halloween was Thursday there again!!! Remember when we came on a Thursday one year and they changed it to the actual day of Halloween? I thought that was a permanant change! Oh well, I hope you had a fun Trick or Treat! I am getting ready today for ours! It looks like rain though...BOO!!!

  2. I love the black cat paper clip! Where did you ever find that??? I don't want October to end!!
    Did you get your shipment of Christmas stamps yet?? (I'm not ready for them yet, just wondering)
    I received my winning cards and I just love them. This has been so much fun. Thank you for being so clever!! Hugs

  3. Stephanie, it's your big day today - I hope you and Jenna have a great time handing out the goodies tonight and I really hope you didn't knock yourself out on the decorating, har, har!

  4. SuzieStamper, as always thank you for your nice comments! The cat paper clip came from Staples, of all places! Wonder why the papercraft stores don't seem to have them? There is a kiosk at Staples that has all kinds of paper clip shapes in different colors that you can buy one at a time or in a pillowboxful for 1.99. I think they are 15c as singles.