Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 21 - A different card

It's kind of interesting to come up with a different card every day.

Some days the creative juice just doesn't flow. Yesterday was one of those days! We were tying up the details on a family member's serious health crisis, and my mind wasn't on cardmaking. . .yet I know it's important to anyone'e equilibrium to get out of a stressful situation for awhile. So I trudged to my workroom and put together this card. As I worked and listened to music, I felt alot of the tension fall away as I entered a space where life was less stressful than dr.'s offices and hospitals!

Art therapy has been recognised as a calming force for many years. I have to take this chance to urge anyone with challenges of any sort to give it a try. When you are feeling anxious about someone or something, take some time to create. It will uplift you and you will come back to everyday life a little stronger.

Gotta run! The day's already getting away from me!

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  1. Well it's 10:15pm and I am just getting home from the lake after mowing and just relaxing since we are suppose to be getting rain tom. and Friday! It's a beautiful Indian Summer. Yes, art is therapy for me too, but sometimes when the creative juices don't flow, I go thru old magazines or search web page galleries and then the mind starts working again. I hope to finish up my fall pages this weekend so I can clear my table and start Christmas cards.
    Hope David is feeling better and you can relax for tom. card. Hugs!