Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20 - only eleven left!

We're really enjoying our days of Indian summer here in western Ohio. The fall color has peaked here and it's just gorgeous everywhere you look!

Today's card a a little lighter in color than the scary ones from the past two days. I had to sneak in a ribbon and just one button, too. The pumpkin faces along the bottom half are a border I cut from a sheet of scrapbook paper. I have about 300 different papers and usually have to go through most of them to get the one I want, but when I find the one and only paper that matches what I've envisioned for my project, I am only then perfectly satisfied.

How about you? Do you agree that the time making the card is as nothing, compared to the time in selecting the elements you want to use? Do you first imagine the card design and then search for the materials - or do you mess around with all your papers and embellishments until they provide the just right inspiration?

Have a happy day today - and if you haven't entered yet, you can do it right here on the blog or send to my email, pelikanbeach@gmail.com - better hurry! October's running out!


  1. Oh I don't want October to ever be over! It's my fav month and it's so beautiful outside right now! Love the card and know what you are talking about going thru all your paper until you find "the right one" and the time it takes to select the right elements. I first imagine the card, search for materials, and then rearrange, rearrange again, add a button here and a ribbon there!!! I'm beginning my rearranging now for Christmas cards. I have way too much stuff and it fogs the inspiration some times!! But hey, that's what its all about! Hugs to you and your cards.

  2. I've seen many of your cards, Sue, and they are all perfect in design and so meticulously crafted. Each onelooks like it took weeks!

    Hey, heard somebody ask about you at your old place of employment this a.m. She wanted to know where you were and why she hadn't seen you, and even mentioned how she liked hearing you talk about your papercraft hobby & experiences. Tabitha had to give her the sad news that you're gone forever. I was thinking yeah, she went to "a better place", ha! So glad you are enjoying retirement!