Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 17 of Great Card Giveaway

Can you believe it's already mid-October? If anyone is just now finding us, you're invited to hop aboard and be a part of our Great Card Giveaway where you can enter a random drawing for one of the free cards shown daily. For easy instructions on how to participate, just scroll down through the posts to October 1!

Today I made a fun and colorful Halloween card. Gosh, there go those buttons again!

Few of these cards would fit through the automated letter sorter at the post office, so if you win one and mail it off to somebody, be aware that the USPS requires an extra stamp for hand sorting. The cards are heavy, though, and would require extra postage anyway.

Wishing you all a really great fall weekend! It's more TV football at our house today, with some frantically fast household chores stuffed in during the commercials! My husband follows Ohio State and I'm a Bama fan - Roll Tide! I wonder who your fave team is?


  1. Please enter me in today's card contest.JudyG

  2. I love the purple ghosts!!! And is the pumpkin a stamp, sticker, or your drawing? Went to Ft. Wayne,IN today for a stamp convention so didn't get to watch football. Bought some really neat papers for scrapbooking and made some neat fall cards with flower soft!!! Fun time. Talk to you tomorrow.
    Hugs, from Suziestamper

  3. I just received the cards I won in your contest. The Halloween witch is so cute (can witches be cute???). I wish I had your creativity!
    Every time I go to your website, I pause at the photo of the beach - 2 1/2 weeks until I get to see a similar view in PERSON!
    Chris C

  4. To Suziestamper,thanks for your comments! the pumpkin was on a sheet of scrapbook paper at JoAnn's. There was a whole row of them down one side of the sheet, so I cut them out to use separately. Can't wait to see your cards! J.

  5. Judy G, good to hear from you again!

  6. Hey Chris! Be sure and bring me a sample of the Gulf. About 4 billion gallons would be just right. Good luck on winning again! More are entering so the odds are getting a little tougher, but I'm sure this won't be your last win as there's still loads of time and many daily drawings to go. Glad you liked Wichita the Witch! J.