Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23 - A bargain find

I found a neat bargain the day our bagels got stuck!

We had an old toaster that kept limping along even though the thingie you push down to make it heat no longer worked and either hubby or I would have to stand there holding it down. This week we had another problem with it. The slots were supposed to be wide, but our bagels kept getting stuck.

I said, "That's IT! T've had it with this toaster!" A few hours later I was in WalMart getting a replacement for it. Of course, I had to take a peek down the craft aisle. That was when I found the bargain.

Along an end display I saw some pretty nice packs of embellishments, but one was my favorite. It included about ten pieces. That's a guess, I didn't count before I used 'em all up. They were very nice-looking autumn leaf stick-ons in 3-D. Here is the bargain part. The package was only $1.50 (why didn't I get an extra one?)

You'll see what they look like on today's card. In fact, I used a couple on yesterday's card. Don't you love a bargain?

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