Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29 - Wichita's mischief

Oh No!!! I had gluestick-fingers when I put today's card on the scanner, and now the smears are visible in the photo (they are on the scanner, not on the card itself!)and I have an appointment this morning so I don't have time to clean the scanner and start all over!

It's almost Halloween and Wichita is already casting a spell, ruining my scan!

You get the general idea of what the card looks like - remember, the gluestick smears were on the scanner surface and will NOT be present on the card if you are its winner.

Remember how I already said buttons & ribbon were my favorite embellishments, but I forgot to say tags were too? Now I'm adding another fave - those tiny stick-on dots, used on shiny cardstock.

Doesn't Wichita look alot feistier surrounded by tiny explosions of metallic green on patent leather cardstock? I made her look so good. She should be ashamed of casting her evil spell on me. Bad Wichita! And it's not even Halloween yet!

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