Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 14 of Great Card Giveaway

If you already checked here and found nothing for today, it's because some computer maintenance was being done.

Today's card is the first of its kind in the world, for more reasons than one. The big first is, it's the first ever dignified, serious, sedate, calm,
quiet Halloween greeting ever put together by mankind. Or womankind, in this case.

You may well ask to whom you might send such a card if you wanted to make one. I'm not really sure. How about Auntie Matilda? Or Cousin Melvin? Of course there's always the Pope.

I wanted to show how a small stamp can be used in a big way. The candy treat stamp from october pumpkin is usually used to decorate an envelope, or as a motif in the middle of some embellishment, a tag or bookmark, etc. Today I'm illustrating how a small stamp can be used effectively on a card - or really anywhere that a border would be needed.

October is half over and you don't want to miss out, so enter today!

Yesterday a reader told me that she had been unable to access the blog because she spelled pelican with a c. Don't I wish we all could! But pelican with a c was a domain already claimed (by a posh resort on the seacoast, sigh!)so I resorted (smirk) to a K spelling. It's still pelican, but in German. 'Bye!


  1. WOW would I love to be at that posh resort today on this chilly, rainy day!! LOL!! But I'm here at peliKan beach trying to win your creation!! Lovely.
    See you tomorrow!

  2. I am having trouble entering the card giveaway for Oct. 14th. What am I doing wrong. J Garrett

  3. JG, you are on here, at least for the time being,thank goodness. What is happening when you try to get on - let me know so I can report it or try to help. Good luck in the drawing!