Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 18 - Still time to enter and win!

Today's card is one I had several ideas for color combos but only time to go with the first try. My father and his wife are coming to visit in a couple of hours, so I can't stay with my papercrafting as long as I usually do,yikes! Now I have to go to my bread machine.

They're bringing us apples from their trip up north last week - there's a special orchard they visit that has great apples in the fall. I want to have a loaf of homemade bread to hand back, plus won't it make the house smell good? Bread, coffee, and anything with cinnamon, vanilla, and/or chocolate are the best cooking aromas I can imagine!

Anyway, I might revisit this card when I have more time to play around with the colors. For today, here you have it. See the tiny october pumpkin jack-o-lanterns making a print background? The haunted houses seemed good just as they are, I mean not colored, but uniformly gray and gloomy.

In case you wonder what the black organdy ribbon is all about, let's just say that's the lunatic fringe.

See you next time! Good luck on winning - lots more are entering now, and remember, you can enter right here via comments or you can send your entry to my email at


  1. Ummmmm I can smell the bread baking!!! Going to go to and hunt up some new fall flavors. Hungry for baked winter squash, still have some in my garden!! Yummy. Enjoy the apples.

  2. Hey, Suzy! That's a great idea, - think I'll hop over there too.
    We harvested the last green tomatoes from our garden (the ones that the squirrels didn't gnaw on, anyway) yesterday and put the garden to bed for the winter. The fried green tomatoes were absolutely wonderful with dinner!