Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New pix coming soon!

It's been awhile since I've posted because about half a dozen major projects have surfaced in my home and work life, and I've been working on those. So far everything's on track and with any luck life should be back to normal around mid-July!

I visited a website called and just had to join. It's a gathering of likeminded papercrafters. I investigated a forum and quickly found out they have "candy swaps," but we're not talking fudge and peppermints. Paper concoctions with various themes are the sugar-free sweets here.

People who join the swap are to decide on a theme, then come up with 4 pieces of "candy" for 4 others in that topical group. Since I'm already overbusy these couple of months, it seemed silly to jump into another project with both feet, but I do have some things lying around that could be used for my contributed paper treats, so I settled on five (yes, five!) themes: beach, Halloween, Christmas, snowmen, and cooking. (Cooking? What was I thinking?) Today I got the Halloween stuff together and will post photos of it for you to see sometime in the next few days.

First I have to reinstall my camera. For unknown reasons it has come uninstalled.
Anyway, keep watching and I'll get the pictures on one way or another.

If anyone is interested in what else is going on at our house, I'm trying to do some belated spring cleaning, my father is going to turn 90 in July so I'm working on a big party - as is his wife, who happens to also be my husband's aunt (both she and my father were widowed, so we introduced them to one another and the next thing you know they got married.) Am also involved in october pumpkin, the rubber stamp biz my daughter runs and I design for - and my father and his wife just sold their home to move to a retirement village, so he gave me dozens of family photo albums plus big boxes of photos and all kinds of documents re our family pedigree; I've been having fun going through this stuff, but not having fun trying to find a place to put all of it. Hubby and I have lived in the same house for 43 years so we have long since filled up every square inch of storage space!

See you soon!

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