Monday, June 8, 2009

Not only did my computer upload 321 photos, only 6 of which it had been directed to do, and not only did my flash fail when I took the pix, but then I learned they all uploaded to an alien photo storage locale (that I had never even heard of and didn't know lurked inside my computer) instead of going to My Pictures as per usual. When I tried to retrieve them, either they failed to transmit at all or whole batches went together even though they weren't remotely connected by date, topic, or relevance.

At last, though I don't know how it happened, I managed to get the 6 pix I wanted to share with you all swept over to My Pictures, and from there I hoped eventually to reach this destination. But by the time I sweat blood over all the other procedures and misattempts, the left side of my brain had gone into freeze mode and I couldn't remember how to cluster pix to travel together with a text post. Perhaps I never knew. . .sigh!

Now it's time to make a cup of coffee and do something wonderfully simple and dependable - read a good book! Yeah!!! Isn't it a huge relief to know there's still something in life that doesn't have to be turned on, programmed, troubleshot, aimed at, or adjusted for sound? All you need are eyes. . .and a cup of tea or coffee makes it even more fun. See you next time. I'm outa here!

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