Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cats on a rainy afternoon

It's a rainy day here and our cats are not pleased. They are indoor pets but they also have a kitty pen where they like to cat around for an hour or two each day. Not so fun when everything out there is. . .well. . .wet! They are making the best of it by lounging on a little rug in the kitchen, keeping tabs on the wildlife through the sliding doors, and waiting for the other half of their owner team to come home.

I made the rug out of scrap yarn crocheted around a clothesline for body. It has been in front of our kitchen sink for almost 20 whole years and hasn't worn out yet!

The orange and white cat is Kitty Boy. The calico is Breezy, named for her blithe and airy personality.

David, my hubby and the cats' other keeper, is off at the Dayton OH Hamvention for the day. Since he's retired and mostly enjoys doing things around the house he's not that often away by himself so it feels like a different kind of Saturday to us all. I've done a few chores, then had fun catching up on some reading but now it's time to think about dinner. Beef & noodles sound good for a day like today. We've had the coolest May here in western Ohio!

How about you? Are you having a lazy Saturday or are you "getting things done"?
Everybody needs a day off now and then, so I wish that for each of you!

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