Monday, May 11, 2009

Recurrent themes

I've never made a grey card, since grey isn't one of my favorite colors, but happened to have a couple of grey readymade foldovers and decided to challenge myself. I couldn't just throw them away, you know!

By now it's clear that my favorite topic is sea-related, so I chose seashell stamps from october pumpkin for all of today's projects. This was to discover how many different ideas I could come up with while using the same stamps in basically the same way. I stamped the envelope too, just for fun.

As I worked with the cards it became clear to me that I have some favorite construction themes that I use over and over in my cardmaking! Do you do this too? My faves seem to be
tags, polka dots, and ribbon. Maybe it's a phase I'm going through - who knows!

The shades of green coordinate in reality, but in scanning they somehow didn't come out true and the shades clash. A little frustrating! You'll have to take my word for it that it looks better in person!

Still kinda chilly in Ohio so today was a good day to spend some relaxing time at the craft table.
I hope you were able to find some time to play too, wherever you live!

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