Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's pretty late in our neck of the woods. In my old age I'm falling into a goofy habit of catnapping through the evening news, then waking up at 11:30 rarin' to go another few hours.

When this happened tonight I ended up in the kitchen where I made a batch of frosting for Easter cookies yet to be baked. That's a project for tomorrow. They'll be sugar cookie cut-outs in the shape of carrots (you all know the Easter bunny loves carrots, don't you?) I divided the frosting into a large and a small batch, then colored the smaller batch green for the carrot-top part of the cookies, and colored the larger batch orange for the carrot itself. It was kinda festive making green and orange frosting in the night. It brought back a happy memory, too.

When our grandson was barely two, Grandpa and I took Tony and his mom Stephanie for a visit with the great-grandparents who lived out in the country. It was fall, harvest time, and great-grandpa, who is known to all of us as Poppy, always had a big thriving garden. He took Tony outside to review the garden and decided to pull a few carrots. Baby Tony was absolutely amazed and thrilled to see this! He ran to us waving carrots in the air and yelling, "Poppy pulled cawwots out of the dirt!"

We have a picture of Poppy, Tony, and the magical cawwots, but I don't know precisely where it is at the moment.

After the frosting event, I looked outside and noticed we have fog moving in. This reminded me of the sea mist on Pelikan Beach, so I am posting a photo of that for you all to see. It's moving in from the east, at the left side of the picture. My husband David takes most of our photos and does a great job. He was chief photographer of our daily newspaper for 29 years, until his retirement.

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