Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here is the Easter card. Normally we don't send out Easter cards but I have a friend across the state who got sick last week and Easter at her house won't be quite as festive as it usually is, so I thought she needed a little cheering up. I didn't have any Easter stamps so I drew a bunny based on an old-time postcard that I saw awhile back. It showed the Easter Bunny as a lady bunny - unlike the more common Easter Bunny guy of recent times.

Have you ever heard the tradition of Amish ladies who make quilts and include a deliberate mistake in the making? It's to show they aren't trying to out-perfect in their work the perfection in God's work, a gesture of humility. I don't try to make mistakes on purpose because I make enough of them from natural causes. Do you see the worst one I made on the bunny drawing?

It's the basket. The handle is too far forward. I didn't notice this until it was already affixed to the card, and then I thought oh well, there's my holy imperfection for the day! Bet I could find lots more if I looked again!

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  1. She is so sweet! When I have to patch a mistake I usually end up with a better project! How does that happen?