Thursday, April 9, 2009

Got a crab in your cabana? A grouch upon your couch? This wild and busy mix of color and doo-dads should put a smile on anybody's face.

It's been a busy time around our house, for sure, playing catch-up with overdue errands, household chores, paperwork, and all the other stuff that piled up during The Dread Virus. Easter made a good deadline. Everything is pretty much caught up except the housework. . .we live in a big old house that's hard to keep organised. I told my daughter yesterday that the last time I remember having the entire house spic and span at once was when she was six years old. I won't say her age now, but even Stephanie's own kids haven't been six for a loooooooong time!

My craft room is still scary, but there's time to deal with that. It should only take an hour if I don't start any new projects and mess things up again. How do you all manage to, um, have a space to work in? I mean open space! It seems like my work table gets piled high as soon as I start that sorting, snipping, and gathering. I have to have nearly everything I own available right there to make choices. Not a pretty sight, especially the inevitable fall-out under the table.

When I went upstairs to organise, I ended up playing instead (you know us card fanatics), and knocked out a couple of sorta-quick cards. One is shown here. The stamps for the words, the cabana, and the crab are from October Pumpkin. I'll show you the Easter card next.

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  1. How CUTE is this? I love it!!! The colors are sooooo FUN! You have a knack for interesting detail on your cards! I am working on that!