Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's almost Easter Sunday! Today is a very busy day in our household, as I'm sure it is in yours if you celebrate this holiday. With a million things to do, I went to the supermarket to get those last-minute perishables and it took hours - that place was crammed with other shoppers! Carts were going every whichway!

Our family has a tradition of little table favors at holiday dinners. We use them in lieu of placecards. Our daughter Stephanie is having Easter at her house for everybody so I volunteered to make the favors.

I bought some cellophane bags at the craft store and filled them with holiday candies, then with very little time left I decided to make tags for the bags instead of the more elaborate crafty presentation I had planned on earlier. This always happens. Everytime I'm going to impress everybody, I don't get around to it until too late and have to think up a quick substitute! Luckily it always works out fine, and no one knows the difference.

My two minute tags are shown in the photo above. I had some readymade tags on hand, then used Uchida oval scallop punches in two different sizes to cut out the medallion shapes, grabbed Martha Stewart's rabbit punch and made a bunch of those out of white paper, then glued bunny to small oval to bigger oval to tag, threaded a 9 inch strip of ribbon through - and voila! - it's done! I'll write each person's name at the bottom of the tag and we're ready to place one at each table setting. I think they'll add to the festive atmosphere.

A huge HAPPY EASTER to each one of you tomorrow! Enjoy your day and never mind the calories!

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