Monday, July 6, 2009

A perfect day

Yesterday was my father's 90th birthday celebration. I'm sharing one of the photos showing him with his only two grandchildren, David's (my hubby) and my son James, and our daughter Stephanie. When I saw this shot I rememebered Jim saying, "That's right, stand too close to me and make my nose look a yard wide!" He is a little out of kilter here, but at least looks happy.

We had a wonderful time, with relatives from far and wide pouring in throughout the afternoon, lots of laughter and memories, good food, good friends,and good wishes all around. Weather was perfect, which is miraculous for mid-Ohio in July. Well over a hundred guests attended the event and all seemed to be having a great time visiting and making new friends.

Poppy, as my dad is known to his family, seemed to have a super time as well. He is a thoughtful and generous person, so when his brother played Happy Birthday on the piano and we all sang to Poppy, he had to remind us that his wife's 85th birthday is this month too and therefore we ought to sing her a Happy Birthday as well - which everyone did.

Isn't it a major, major blessing when something planned for months suddenly arrives and turns out even better than anyone anticipated?

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