Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Great Handmade Card Giveaway!

Hi everyone,

We're finally here! It's Contest Eve, and I want to give you the instructions to enter this month-long event.

Basically, each day I will post a photo of the card to be won on that day. You may enter the contest by sending in your contact info. You can send just your email address if you wish - I will contact you and ask for your mailing address if you have won.

At no time will any information be shared with anyone else or sold to advertisers or used by october pumpkin to send any advertising. I will not retain your contact info after the contest is finished.

You cannot enter once for the entire month, but must re-enter each day.

An unbiased source (Mr. Contest Widget) will draw the winning name at random each midnight. I will inform the winner the next morning. Once a week, on Saturday morning, I will mail out the cards won during the previous seven days (nope, I don't have time to go to the post office EVERY day, friends!)

It's that easy! We just do this for 31 days. Why? It's a celebration a biz called october pumpkin. But you don't need to be a rubber stamper or even a paper crafter to win. The cards are all made and ready to go or keep or whatever you choose.

An important note. . .you can enter by typing your contact info in the "Comments" area of the blog, which may be the easiest way to go. Alternatively, for those who do not wish to have their e-address available to the public, feel free to send it to my personal mailbox at This will in no way affect your chances of winning.

As I mentioned before, this blog is fairly new and not publicised much, so there are not that many who will see this. Your odds of winning are therefore huuuuuuge as contests go.

Good luck, to all of you! I think we'll all have lots of fun with this!

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