Friday, March 13, 2009

Have been trying to learn the nuances of operating a blog, but stuck all morning on how to place photos. I am not a mechanical or techological person at all - I live on the other side of my brain. The photos ended up at the top, between the header and my first post, even though they were supposed to land below the first post. Looks like I'll have to keep slogging away at things like this, learning as I go. But isn't that what we do with our whole lives?

For my next project (hope it's more successful than the photo placement) I hope to create a link between Pelikan Beach, Stephanie's blog, and our etsy shop, because there are tons more samples of cards 'n stuff there that you might enjoy seeing.
For now, right this minute, I want to throw on a picture of a journal I made with a plain black-and-white-speckled composition book like we all used in school, some 3-D elements, and also cut-outs of my set of three beach houses designed for october pumpkin.
In fact, I have two shots of this journal taken in different lighting. My husband liked the dark background but I might like the other better. I'll show you both.

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